Why do we write?


My name is Morris (@iamthatmorris on twitter & instagram and Morris Mathenge on Quora).

At the age of 24,almost clocking 25 you would think i have my life figured out as expected by older folks but,what the hell.At my age most of these older folks had families and had life all figured out .They make it sound so easy yet it’s total BS.I am a life enthusiast currently undergoing a quarter life crisis like most of my mates and probably this is the main reason that drove me to publish this blog.

Growing up i had a thing for literature and history.i wasn’t the brightest kid in class, not the dumbest either but i invested most of my time and energy reading history books and solving puzzles.Like most of my peers,i attended primary school,then high school and eventually campus.I have a career..,who am i kidding,i have an 8-5 job.Do i love my job?hell no ,i don’t even like it but the alternative is worse.In my experience,it is not joblessness that kills someone’s spirit nor is it being broke,the two might be factors but what kills you inside is the feeling of lacking a purpose in life.Life comes at you fast when you feel unimportant and it sucks and in extreme cases ,gives you wild thoughts.

Speaking of purpose,2018 got me thinking.I am a big fan of social media,actively and passively,it’s always fun when strangers argue,share thoughts and ideas,trade insults,make up,break up and share their experiences.But what did the inventors have in mind when they developed these sites.was it to make money?Money is a powerful motivator,so is death and faith but that can’t be the only reason.There must have been a bigger purpose beyond monetizing.

But still, why do we write and share?Sympathy…,maybe,pass time…,maybe,validation…,maybe.Everyone has their own reasons.Language is the foundation of civilization.It’s the glue that holds the people together and it’s the first weapon drawn in a conflict.

My reason for writing,simply said is,’we tell each other stories to know that we are not alone and to make contact’. One problem though.People have always wanted to stay connected.The same people are texting more than they are talking and tweeting more than they are meeting.So,what are we missing,we don’t wanna be connected anymore,we just want to feel connected while still isolated.If this is true,this must be the reason we have social media accounts,whether active or passive,everyone wants to tell their story,they want to be heard and not judged.They wanna know they are not alone and this is the motivation behind my blog.

I wish to adventure by any means necessary because ‘if you live an ordinary life,all you will have are ordinary stories’.I have a story to tell and this is my canvas.I will occasionally throw in some quotes,life hacks because it isn’t always as bad as it seems.I love good music too and i won’t mind sharing my best lines.I am an impulse writer at times but i’m always careful to live one day at a time.

QUOTE OF THE DAY;How people treat you is their karma,how you react is yours.



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